A few headlines and stories made me sit up this week. Some made headline news and some not. But they triggered my interest. Just a few short notes on some of these.

1. Outside Magazine: The Green Issue

It’s apparently a good one. Treehugger told me so. And Treehugger can never be wrong when it comes to green stuff. But it made me think a bit. Outside magazine? I get it when Vanity Fair or Vogue go green. They never do green stuff other than an odd article here or there. And then they bring out a green issue to educate their readers a bit. You know, bring them up to speed with the latest in green fashion and celebs. But Outside magazine? I know I am new here so I don’t know the magazine that well. Just a bit from the Jon Krakauer books I have read. But shouldn’t they be green in each issue? Tell people how to enjoy the outside world and respect the outside world? Maybe not. I know – they are just trying their best to focus one issue on green only stuff. Good for them. But maybe they should bring green to the heart of what they do and integrate it into all the work they do and write about. Just an idea. But I guess a green issue is better than no issue. Or maybe not. No issue – no impact. The Green Issue – online only.

2. Africom to focus on military role

That was how the UN IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Network) reported on the briefing to Congress by General William “Kip” Ward, head of the US Command for Africa, Africom. Or more specifically, how he only talked about the humanitarian work of Africom for 15 seconds out of his almost 5 minute briefing. Now I have to be honest – I like the UN and especially IRIN. They bring me news from Africa. And the UN is full of flaws. But imagine a world without them. More wars and more injustice. But really, this is a bit much. What did they think Africom was going to do? They are a military command centre for Africa (based in Europe). A military command centre people… Doing military stuff. You know – guns and stuff. The killing bits. And handing out food and doing humanitarian work has never been a great strength of any military force. Sorry to disappoint you. Africom was always going to focus a tad more on the military stuff than the humanitarian stuff. Shocking I know. But true.

3. Obama invents a new religion

The week started off with more rumours about Obama being a Muslim. Nothing new there. It’s just McCain setting some attack dogs on Obama. Of course he didn’t tell them to say that – I hope. He wouldn’t do something like that after it was done to him by George W would he? But he didn’t do anything to stop people from spreading rumours either. No. Rove must be closer than what we thought. But then they got their next angle on Obama. He is from a radical Christian group. Yes. The Wright story. And of course Fox was quick to show the interview they had with Wright a few years ago. After mutterings of him being a Muslim didn’t get that out of them earlier. But that is Fox. So is Obama a Muslim influenced by a radical Christian? WTF? How does that work? Haven’t seen that since. No. Have never seen that. Maybe Obama has done something no one has ever been able to do. Become a Mustian or Christlim. You know. A guy who believes strongly that the best way to become a Muslim is through accepting Jesus as your saviour. Man, he is even better than what I thought. He really is the change he talks about. That’s one hell of a change – no pun intended. If not – then please Fox & Fiends and Mac & Cheats – make up your bloody mind. Don’t just throw everything and hope something will stick. At least make it somehow seem a little bit more plausible. Obama can’t be both. Even you can’t spin that one can you? Oh sorry – you can. I forgot. You called Florida for Bush. Making a loser a winner. But the snag – it came to bite us in the… hum… backside. We ended up with a loser in any case.

4. Bush says the economy is basically strong

From the man who brought you Mission (Un)Accomplished and years later are still in sh*t street in Baghdad and who told us about the (missing) link between Sadam and Al-Qaeda and who are still looking for the WMDs (Weapons of Missing Deconstruction) comes the latest insight of wisdom. Don’t worry about the economy – everything will be just fine. What problem? Gas a problem – cut down on the beans and drive that pickup. What problem? We’re just handing out the $600 so you can have a nice little break in summer. You deserve it. Take your mind off the elections and war. It is so tiring – I know. No strings attached. What recession? This economy is fundamentally sound. Sorry George W – you are fundamentally wrong. Again. Snake oil.

5. Mugabe set to lose the election

That’s a good one. Mugabe set to lose the election. And the English can really win the World Cup (you make your pick of soccer, rugby or cricket). Ain’t gonna happen. George W will kiss Hillary with an open mouth before Mugabe loses an election. No. Let me rephrase that. Mugabe will be President after the elections. No matter what the results. The “projection” is based on a poll done by a Zimbabwean academic. And he admitted that people are too afraid to say who they will vote for. And it helps that the chief of the army and the chief of the police both said that they will not allow any “puppets” to take control in Zimbabwe. And the head of prison services chipped in some support as well. Read… no one but Mugabe will lead. And they know what is waiting for them if Mugabe stays in power. He just passed a law to allow him to nationalise any company in Zimbabwe. And give it to anyone he wishes to give it to. White owned companies only. Yes. Racism goes both ways in Zimbabwe. Oh, I almost forgot to add. Mugabe also gave public servants a big fat raise. That might help. Especially because the price of everything just doubled overnight. I am not joking. Just follow this link here. Sorry buddy. Old crazy uncle Bob will be there after the election. Come hell or high water. In this case. Hell is there already.

That’s my views on some of the weekly news. Not much. But then news never really is when you’re watching, but not seeing.

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