I wish I was a bigot. A hypocrite that never check his words. Never have to stop before I speak… or write. Never had to consider what other people think or feel. Because I do.

I wish I was blind. Blind so I can see no pain. Never see their faces. Never see the suffering. Never see the words I write. Because I can see.

I wish I had no memory. No memories of faces and places that suffer. No memories of the bad times of others. No memories that remind me why I am on this earth. Because I have memories.

I wish I never worried. Never worried about the lives taken in war and hate. Never worry about the hungry kids. Never worry about the suffering women. Because I do worry. 

I wish I never cared. Never cared about the lives of others. Never caring about the world we are leaving behind for our kids. Never cared about the workers suffering to make our clothes and pick our food. Because I do care.

I do care. I do worry. I do have memories. I do see. But sometimes. Just sometimes. It gets to much. And I need to take a deep breath.

And start again.

Because. Above all. There is love.

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