Here I am standing. In my kitchen. Tears running down my face. Missing home.

Stupid bloody song. All because of a stupid bloody song.

Shosholoza. Sho-se-bleddie-loza.


I didn’t even like the song. Not that much any way. But my wife got it. As a birthday present. And I opened it. Soweto Gospel Choir. Song 20. Shosholoza. Sho-se-bleddie-loza.

I just thought I’ll play it. Because I haven’t heard it for ages. Not since. Hum… I really can’t remember. Years. Stupid bloody song.

And then the opening line… (rough translation)

Shosholoza (Move fast)

Ku lezontaba (on those mountains)

Stimela siphum’ eSouth Africa (train from South Africa.)

Wen’ uyabaleka (You are running away)

Wen’ uyabaleka (You are running away)

Ku lezontaba (on those mountains )

Stimela siphum’ eSouth Africa (train from South Africa.)

Stupid bloody song. Stupid bloody rugby. Stupid bloody people. Stupid bloody country.

I love you. I miss you. Wen’ uyabaleka.

Sho-se-bleddie-loza. Listen to the song. Loud. Close your eyes. And feel.

Then open your eyes. And see. Us. Winning.