I am 1% Angry and 99% African. But sometimes the Angry part wins. It did this time. I don’t apologize for that. It’s me. But it might not be the usual post you get from me. For that I apologize.


Who did you kill today sweetie?

Who did you kill today sweetie?

Why is it that we remember Western leaders of yesterday so fondly? Yes, I agree, we should never forget the evil murdering leaders like Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Botha. Those are memories we should put away in the vault. And never forget to never let them happen again. They were evil. But we knew that. It was obvious. We heard their evil words. And saw there evil deeds.

But why do we look back at the Western leaders and think they were good? Why is it that we wipe out the bad that happened yesterday like we forget what pain actually feels like? We remember the bad things like Apartheid and World War II, but remember the Western leaders so fondly. Why? Why do we blunt our memories?

Reagan hanging with his Taliban friends

Reagan hanging with his Taliban friends

We remember Reagan as a “great leader” and not as the warmonger he was. Funding terrorist organizations left, right and centre throughout his time in that big house up on the hill. He supported Jonas Savimbi for god sake. He wasn’t a nice guy. Sitting next to the fireplace with a warm smile is called acting. Not real life. How many people died because of his policies? How much blood must he have on his hands before you look at the man and say he was fundamentally flawed?

We remember Thatcher as the Iron Lady. A woman strong enough to show woman can lead as well as men. And now we want to remember her as a great British leader. We should feel sorry for her now that she has dementia. And we forget how many people she spat on with her wishy-washy attitude towards Apartheid. Her willingness to follow Reagan to the graves of the innocent. Like Blair and Bush. So was Thatcher and Reagan. Different sides of the same coin. She was bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Maggie and Pinochet sharing a special moment

Maggie and Pinochet sharing a special moment

I am sorry. I can’t look at Reagan and his stupid smile and feel any warmth. I can’t see what you see. All I see is the people dying in the streets of South and Southern Africa. And him supporting the terrorists in Mozambique and Angola. And the white supremacist in South Africa and Rhodesia. And people dying in South America thanks to him. And his friends the Taliban. People dying. Blood on his hands. No forgiveness. No love. Nothing.

I am sorry. I can’t feel sorry for Thatcher. I can’t. I can’t forgive if the person doesn’t ask for forgiveness. I can’t look at her and see an old sick woman. I can’t. I see her and I see the look of a tyrant of the 80’s. A woman who wanted to be a man. As if men are any better. She order the killings like a “man”. Supported men like Pinochet who murdered before breakfast. She gave woman a bad name. She gave leadership a bad name. Because she did bad things. Blood on her hands. No love. No forgiveness. No good memories. Nothing.

I see their fake smiles and teary eyes. And then see their deeds. The blood on the streets. I see them selling me shit but calling it sweets. You didn’t fool me then. And my memories won’t fool me now.

I won’t let time fade my memories. I won’t. No blunting of the blood. You ask for forgiveness and I will forgive. But not an inch until then. I won’t do it. I will honor the dead of yesterday. I will honor them by not forgetting them. And not forgiving you.

You should have known better. You should have known better. You ruled the free world. It came with a responsibility. An oath to walk the straight and narrow. A promise to be the shining light in our dark world. And you snuffed it out like it was a single candle in a storm. Without a blink. Without regret. Without a moment given to the dead lying in your path. Without a moment of asking forgiveness. Because you didn’t care. You only cared about yourself. You were selfish and self absorbed.

Wash your hands and turn your back. You always did. Then and now. I don’t even feel sorry for you. I have nothing for you. You are empty. Meaningless to humanity. You have meaning only in the blood you left behind in the streets. And the blood etched in our memories.

I don’t give a damn about what the Soviets did. I don’t give a damn about what the Chinese did. I don’t give a damn about what Apartheid South Africa did. I expected them to be evil. It was in their bones. In their blood. They were in my face. They were bad. And we knew it. We heard their hatred and saw their murdering ways. Like Hitler they were.

But you. You were supposed to be the promise keepers. The people who would fight for us. Be on our side. On the side of the innocent. The bystanders. And you spat on us and those who suffered. And gave us a Hollywood smile and a gun to our heads.

The 80’s wasn’t just about crap music and bad hair. It was also a time of oppression, murder, terrorism and leaders selling us short. It was a bad time. With bad leaders. Doing bad things. And you let it happen. No. You made it happen.

I won’t let my memories be blunted by the troubles of today. Today is today. Yesterday was yesterday. You were bad yesterday. And you remain bad today. Dead or not. Dementia or not. I won’t let you die in peace. I won’t let them say “oh, those were the good old days”. I won’t let them think of you as the good old Gipper and the Iron Lady. I won’t let you get away with it. I won’t. Not while the blood is still on your hands. Not while I still have my memories of the dead. Not while you forgot to ask for forgiveness.

No blunting. You let us down. You looked the other way. You were friends with those who killed and oppressed. You have blood on your hands. You. Are. No. Great. Leader.

No blunting.

Never forget. Never forgive. Don’t let it fade.

No blunting. Of the blood.