While I am pissed and on the topic. You know. About gay marriages and gay rights.

I know I am meant to be a bit nicer. Engage you at an “adult” level. Try and convince you of my superior intellect and position through carefully crafted words and engaging you constructively (wow – that took a lot out of me!). Well…

Stuff that. I don’t have time for that anymore. I will treat you like you deserve to be treated. With no respect. With nothing but contempt. You don’t deserve an adult discussion. You don’t deserve the attention of my keyboard. You don’t deserve me having to think of better and nicer words. Because you deserve nothing. You are nothing.

Nothing will change your narrow stupid little mind. You will always have another reason why to hate and discriminate. So why should I treat you with any respect if you don’t treat any of my friends or me with any respect. Should I do it to show that I am a better person? Sorry. That doesn’t work with me. I know I am a better person than you. I don’t need to prove it to you or anyone like you. I do not need your approval. In fact, I do not need you. You will always hate. You will always discriminate. I don’t need you. I just need my friends. We’re just fine, thank you.

And another thing. When you talk about gay marriages. When you talk about “them”. You know, “them”. Well, stop it. I hate it. Because you force me to talk about my friends in a way that doesn’t make sense. I hate it when you talk as if they are some group with their own little world. Their own little box and pigeonhole. “Them”.

I am sorry to disappoint you. There isn’t any “them”. There is only us. Me and my friends. We don’t need you. We have friends. We are friends. All we need from you is to crawl back in your swamp and leave us alone. The world will be better off without you.

Yes. There is just us. And you. And I go for us.

Just love

Just love

I will be nice once you decide to be nice. Until then I will treat you like you treat my friends. No more mister nice guy. We have a world to fix. And don’t need you to divert our love and attention. You are tiring. Go away. And go live in your cave. Evolve or dissolve. Until then… Bye-bye.