Has it been a week already? My week of nothing but love? Yes it has been. And it has been fun. More fun than I thought it might be! Love was in the air for most of the week in some form or another. I did learn that most people don’t read good news though. It’s true. Good news don’t sell. It reminded me that not everyone likes me. People might not read it or like it, but it seems it was good for the sporting teams and people I support. Even the one I love. The week of love also reminded me that not everyone gets the love they deserve or should have. Yeah… What a week it has been. I can’t believe it is over.

But it is draining though. I can tell you that. Politics is all about just letting that anger out of my system. An immediate reaction to bigotry. It helps me vent my frustrations at the people and things I see around me that is making this world a worse place each and every day. Lashing out on politics is easy. It doesn’t ask much of me. It’s just letting off steam.

Love? Writing about love is more draining. Not in a bad way. But it asks more of me. It asks me to dig a little bit deeper. To look a little bit more closely at my soul. It asks more. In a good way. But writing about it? It takes a lot out of me. Because it is so much more difficult to write about things you love and care about, and the fading memories of heartbreak and love. Words are too limiting. There aren’t enough words to describe how I feel.

I don’t think I can only write about love and all that goes with love. Not while I have a “normal” job as well. It really consumes you. It is good. But it makes you tired as well. It made me tired. A good tired. It was easier to get out of bed because the world felt a little bit brighter. But it was more difficult to get out of bed because my body needed more rest.

Oh I can write about love only. But I will have to cut back on my writing if I do that. Maybe every second or third day. Or even longer. Build up energy and think through my emotions a bit more. Look a little bit closer at my soul. Not always a pretty picture! I can do it. I just don’t know if I want to do it. You tell me – should I?

I want to write about politics and the injustices that drives me crazy. I want to lash out. I want to shout and rant at them. Insult them. It would be easier or better to be “nice” to them. But I don’t always want to be nice to them. Sometimes I just want to tell them exactly how I feel about them. For now? For now I will take it a bit easier. Maybe not jump in straight away and rant at politicians and their cronies. I might leave the post I have been working on alone for a little bit longer. It’s called “McCain is a lying bastard”. Maybe I’ll just hold back a bit. Maybe I’ll try to be a bit more cynical. A bit sharper with my tongue. But in a more creative way. Let’s see how long I can do that.

But I do want to write a bit more about love. Maybe dig a bit deeper into the meaning of things. What does Ubuntu mean when we look at politics? Or economics. I have a few theories. Maybe I’ll put my “academic” hat back on and see where it takes me.

In all honesty? I’ll just write. And see where that takes me. I enjoyed the time. This last week of love. It was fun. It was hard. It was a hit-and-miss. But it was me. So there you have it.

Love you all.