To quote a friend of mine – I am a bit “flat” right now. I think I have been pushing a little bit too hard on the writing front. And to be honest, it hasn’t been all that good. I think I need a break.

Just going to recharge the batteries a bit. I’ll write when I think there is something good enough for you to read. I might have been wasting your time with a few pieces. I owe you a bit more than that.

Flat. Meaning… Too many things in my head. Too many things going on. Not feeling sharp enough. Not feeling it the way I should. Words aren’t flowing. It’s being pushed. A little bit “nothing” inside. Not a writer’s block. There are things in my head. The thoughts are there. The flame just die a little quicker than usual. Something new taking over every 5 minutes. And nothing flowing the way I want it to flow. Except uphill which is never a good thing.

This last piece on NY is an example. Too long. Not well written. Hey, the story was funny when I experienced it. It was funny when I thought of it. It just sucked when I wrote about it. And it shouldn’t happen.

Also too much writing about myself. It’s the “lazy me” to fall back on that when the rest isn’t flowing. And this blog isn’t about me. Just parts of me. Too much of me is never a good thing. Just ask my wife!

So I am stepping back and having a coffee.

Oh, don’t worry. It’s just a coffee break. I love coffee! You can NEVER have enough coffee. So I am going to sit back and have a nice Cuppa Joe.

I’ll be busy though. These pages will be busy. I might just flip a few of my 40 thoughts saved as drafts and see if I can get them off my back. Some might be half-assed pieces. Incomplete thoughts. It’s okay. I’ll just get the monkey off my back. I might throw a few more Twits on here. Or introduce a few pieces written by others I really liked. Maybe a cartoon or two from Zapiro I like so much. I am going to reintroduce a few of the pieces I did way back when I started. Maybe edit them and see how I feel about them today. I’ll fill the pages each day. Something different each day. It might actually be fun! I think it will be. Bloody hell, I hope it will be or else there would be no reason to have that coffee!

And like I said, I’ll write when it comes. When it’s ready. No big announcement that I am writing again. I’ll just write. Maybe I’ll write tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe later. Maybe just less original thoughts and pieces. But I’ll write. I just need to clear my head a bit and build up the insides a bit more again. Take some pressure off. Write when it’s there. And when it’s ready. And then we are going to party like it’s… hum… see? I can’t even tell you how awesome this party is gonna be! (Hehe!)

I hope you understand.

In the meantime, I am just taking the advice from my favorite cartoon…