It’s not something we like. Well, not all of us in any case. It’s sticky. It clings to you no matter what you do. No matter how hard you try to get it off. It’s as if it has a life of its own and becomes part of you skin. And it’s white. Never a nice color on skin. It clashes with the pinkish, brownish, blackish and even purplish color of your skin. (You pick the color, but leave Barney the Dinosaur purple please.) Yes, no matter what you do, that white sticky stuff will stick to you no matter how hard you try.

I am talking about fluff. The fluff that we think is substance. But it isn’t really. It’s just fluff. Good old fluff. The stuff that looks like a lot, but it really is nothing but bubbles and a bit of icky stuff. Just blow some bubbles into the icky stuff and there you have it… Fluff… Looks like brains when you scoop it up, but it is just fluff. Nothing much. Just white fluff.

But people can get addicted to this stuff. It’s sweet. It doesn’t really fill us up. It makes us big. But it makes us look like blubber – the stuff they eat in Alaska. It looks like hot air, but it really is just bubbles. Like in bubble butt. That’s what fluff gives us. A bubble butt full of hot air. Nothing substantial. Nothing there. Empty. Full of bubbles. Hot air. But it makes us feel so good.

But the sweetness. Oh the sweetness when they stuff it down our throats. Like Kool-Aid. We love it so much we’ll help them stuff it down our throats. We love our fluff. And it makes the medicine go down so much easier. The bitter pills we have to take because we get so stuffed with fluff. Hell, they try to sell us fluff no matter where we go. In the papers, on the telly, and even political stuff on fluff.

Yeah baby! I am talking about the “What The Fluff” event that just took place over here in my little corner of the world! It’s all about the fluff over here. That white stuff we eat over here in the US of A. We didn’t go. We are not big into fluff. Or hot air.

But I heard it was fun. They had the Flufferettes there! Yep, those girls who love their fluff. Of course headed up by the big Flufferette herself. Miss Nut. The one with the yellow costume and the nut hat. No. The hat had “nut” written on it. And the yellow isn’t because she is a coward. Duh! It’s just yellow.

Mr Query must have been proud. He is as old as the mountains. Not even sure if he is still alive. But an odd name for a guy. Did it mean that he took a lot of questions? Wonder if he answered any of them. I know Ms Nut never took any questions except if you call fluttering her eyes at you and trying to look cute as an answer. Anyway, what does she really know about fluff and everything that goes on in that little glass house container the fluff comes in?

Fluff hasn’t changed much over time. It has pretty much stayed the same for the last 8 or 88 years. Just icky white stuff. Oh, they tried to throw something new in there, but it didn’t make much of a difference. All they did was throw in some nuts. But it really is still just white stuff with nuts in it. And do we really need more nuts? Some of us are allergic to nuts. It can kill you.

But I do have a question though. Why is all the fluff white? I would love to have some chocolate with mine. Can you mix the two together? It must be awesome to have a bit of a mix in there. Less nuts and more chocolate for me please. And thank you.

Heck, look! Even Fluff Boy is white! Doesn’t he just look so familiar to you? Mmm… Let me think… Hum… A young… Richie Rich! That’s it! He looks just like Richie Rich. You remember Richie Rich right? The little dude dude as rich as the stuff they use to make fluff with. You know, the one with all the houses and cars and fluff… I mean stuff?

Are you gonna have some fluff today?


A special thanks to my friend and colleague Christine R who told me about the fluff festival that happened this weekend. We were talking about how I promised my lovely suffering wife that I will not write about politics for a few days. Christine and my wife are friends and she was more than happy to help out… Thank you Christine for showing me a topic that has nothing to do with politics at all. Like you said, “It’s just fluff…” Hehe!