Okay! I wanted to do this on Friday, but something happened. No idea what. Buuuuut anyway! This might be even better to get your week started the right way. Some fun videos (and a joke) I picked up this week thanks to Rolling Stone magazine and a music video or two. Hope this gets you ready for a funky week. Have fun. Have a ball. Laugh and smile. And just piss everyone else off with your stupid jokes and laughs.

But let’s start off with a joke first… From Gilbert Gottfried – his favorite joke ever. (Also the most underrated comedian out there today… and yesterday.)

Do bears shit in the woods?

A bear and a rabbit are taking a shit in the woods. The bear turns to the rabbit and goes, “Do you have some trouble with shit sticking to your fur?” The rabbit says, “No.” So the bear wipes his ass with the rabbit.

Now for some video fun…

It’s all in the eyes

Watch the eyes.. Watch it closely…

Bill O’Reilly Remix

Hehe! Now for some “music”… Not really! But Bill “I’m-A-Rightwinger” O’Reilly of Fox losing his cool completely. And some genius made a remix of it. Aah! Be careful what you say online… Let’s dance! But not to his political tune. (Warning – F*ck said often by Bill.)

The horror of Mary Poppins

Did you think Mary Poppins was a nice family film? Think again… It’s a horror… The horror…

McCain “owned”

Oh man, this one is just way to good not to put it up here. It’s not political really. But McCain just got “owned” by Obama singing “I’m never going to give you up” by Rick Astley. The hours this guy must have spend on putting this piece together…

Braai Rules 101

The best (and funniest) braai video I have ever seen. For those non-Souf Efrikans… Watch and learn. And laugh. True Souf Efrikans will notice a few things… Read after watching the video…

This was NOT shot in Souf Efrika! No way! A few clues…

1. The guys are all drinking different types of beers. Won’t happen. It’s Castle or nothing.

2. The houses in the background. We don’t build up like that. We build out. We have space.

3. The rugby ball is not a Springbok rugby ball. Huh?

4. Chipolates. Who the hell braais chipolates? I don’t even know how to spell that, never mind braai it!

5. Notice no one is eating biltong? And there is a guy with a t-shirt and baseball cap. And not one floppy boer hat in site. Unlikely boet. Very unlikely.

Scatterlings of Africa

Now for some music! For those Souf Efrikans somewhere outside the borders of Africa. The Scatterling of Africa… (Saffer – don’t cry boet!) Turn it up and let Africa take you away! This is one song that gets to each and every one of us outside our little place called Efrika…

Love is in the air…

Okay, last one. The last song. But it’s one you should know by now. Get out of your seat… Get ready to dance… Turn it up… And start moving… Love is in the air!

Hope you had fun. Enjoy your week. See you on the other side… Speak to you soon.