I don’t want a million dollars. Or even a billion. It can’t buy what I want. And it won’t bring happiness or even a bit of peace.

Oh, I won’t bitch if I can get it. I can buy the flashy car and big house, drink unlimited Starbucks 3-shot coffees, or maybe get that farm to grow some things.

But I don’t want the flashy car or the big house. It can’t take me where I want to go or give me the shelter I need. It’s just a car and a house. Bigger but not always better.

I don’t want the 3-shot coffees. It’s what I like and it’s what I have. But it’s not the taste that crosses my lips I want.

I don’t want the farm or even grow some things. It’s nice and it will feel good to live on my piece of land.  But it’s not the piece I want.

The money can do so many things. Change a life or two. Maybe help a farmer in Ethiopia or give a child a bit of a future. You never know. It might even save some animals or help more people get their rights to marry and love who they want. It will make me feel part of something big. And it will bring happiness to me and them. But it’s not what I want.

I don’t want peace on earth. Stopping the needless dying and the end to bombs would be nice. People living without fear of guns and warlords will be good. It’s what we need. But it’s not what I want. It won’t bring me the peace I want.

A fancy job and title won’t do it for me. I don’t want fame or fortune. I don’t want what I don’t need. It’s all good and I won’t fight any of it. But it’s not what I want.

Peace. Love. Happiness. For me and the world. Great. But it’s not what I want.

Freedom. Liberty. Equality. Justice. Yes we need some more of that in the world. It will all be good. But it’s not what I want.

All I want is to be the husband my wife sees.

That’s all.

Everything else is background noise. Everything else fills in the color of life. Everything else is what we need for a better world. But it’s not what I want. It’s only what I need. And sometimes wish for.

The smile on her lips. The silence broken by love. Her hand touching mine. A cuddle for the two of us. Her knowing looks. It’s the look in her eyes.

That’s what I want.

To be the guy I can’t see. To be the man she sees.

That’s all I want in life.