Loose ends...

Loose ends...

Hey! How are you all doing? I know, I know.I’ve been a bad boy… Hardly a blog over the last few weeks months. Don’t push it – it hasn’t been years. No. Not!


Okay. I don’t really have an excellent excuse. But let me give it a shot in any case.

I’ve been a bit all over the place. Got a brand new job a few months ago and haven’t stopped running since. Been on the road for a pretty big part of the last 8 or 10 weeks. Coming up for air as we speak. Cool job. Cool organization. Very cool people. Loving it. A place where value and values really walk hand-in-hand. So that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Not really a good excuse? Okay, I just took a break from blogging. I didn’t lose my mojo. I just left it at home while I traveled. Read a lot on the plane rides. Played PSP. Fixed up the garden for summer. (Got a nice veggie patch and all!) Played with the girls. Loaded old and new music on my iPod (The Ramones is back on the menu.) You know – the usual. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

But I did blog. Oh yes I did! I just never posted any of them. Or actually completed any of them. I’ll start writing one and then stop. All 143 of them… Some almost done and some hardly started. But they are there. Saved. So this is what I am going to do…

I’ll post them “as is”. Tie up a few “loose ends”. You know, get them out the way. Don’t expect too much. They are rough around the edges. But I am taking responsibility in these tough economic times and using what I have… Mr Responsibility. Reducing my blogging footprint by recycling draft stories and opinions. Hum… That one didn’t work.


From tomorrow onwards you’ll get random blogs. Bit and pieces. All under the “Loose Ends” heading. Clearing out the old draft section.

I hope you enjoy. If not. Well, tough.

Oh, don’t worry. I have a few new unwritten blogs as well. Some early thoughts. About pigs and kissing and my girls and cotton tail bunnies and gardening while dreaming of farming and the company you keep and… and… and… so much more. It’s all there. Stuck up in the old head waiting to come out and play. But that is for another day. For now you are stuck on the Angry African’s clearing house…

Tying up a few loose ends.

I'm back!

I'm back!


I know I have been a very, very bad boy. Not blogging and being all quiet for the last few (or many) weeks. I am soooo sorry. I promise I won’t do it again. BIG promise! I promise on the right foot of Steven Gerrard. And if you have to go and look that up… Come on you Reds! You’ll never walk alone! Anyway…

Getting off topic again.

I’m back and I’m back with a bang baby! Loads have happened in the last few weeks. Loads. All good. Started a new job with an amazing bunch of people and a great organization. We almost moved to DC but thanks to the intervention of some really good people we decided to stay in good old Boston. It took all of 2 minutes for us to “consider” the offer to stay in Boston… It’s how long it took me to put the phone down, talk to my lovely suffering wife and phone them back. Wish I could tell you more but I know you don’t really want to know. Let’s just say that everything is good and I am back.

I can feel the blood flowing and the thoughts running wild. Actually…

… I have over 100 drafts almost ready to go! So be ready to be flooded with some new stuff and new ideas. I am African! I am On The Loose! But I’m not really that Angry. Damn… No one is perfect.

Just a quick story before I come back with a bang though over the next few days.

I am the funny one…

It is official – I am the funny one. I was away for a few days and my poor lovely suffering wife had the girls all to herself. You know I mess around with the girls when I am at home – have another look at Quick! Pull My Finger! and Love Is In The Air and She Doesn’t Care and… Okay, I’ll stop there for now. Anyway, my little princess (the youngest one) and me always do funny things – pulling faces in the mirror before I bath her (“picture time!” as she calls it), tickles until she begs me to stop and asks me to lift up my arms for her to tickle me, and we do a little bit of “potty talk” when I call her peanut-butt and she tells me she has “art in her fart” (and my wife tells me she needs another adult in the room please…) We just have fun. I love seeing her laugh and shake her head in disbelief because of her silly dad – just like a mother. It’s my “job” to make them laugh. And we have our little rituals to ensure we have fun and a few laughs every single day. And my poor wife tries to take over on the silly part when I am gone. And she really tries hard.

She did all the stuff I do when I am home. A little “potty talk”, funny faces in the mirror and tickles that stops just when I think her loud laughing might scare the people next door – or in the next town…

So my wife was doing all the stuff I do and really trying to be the funny one. My little one just tilted her head and said with a bit of a sigh, “Moooommmmm”. (You know the way kids stretch out the word to tell you enough is enough and then roll their eyes? Oh wait, my wife does that with me…) But no laughing from the little one. Just a “Stop it, moooommm.” My wife asked her what’s wrong and why no laughs. Her response?

“Dad is the funny one”.

And what about mom?

The truth and nothing but the truth from my little girl. And I could not agree more.

“Mom, you are the lovable one.”

Damn right!


See ya all tomorrow! Get ready. Be ready. Or run… We’re gonna go on a bit of a ride. I just read Ubuntu and What Are We Doing? again to remind myself why I am doing this in the first place. Oh… And don’t forget about I Am A Traitor

I’m back. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I know what you blogged last summer…

This was written a few weeks back as “The Heavy” was busy setting in. I never published it. But here you go…

There are so much I want to say to you. But I am just sitting here. Staring at the screen. I want to tell you so many things. But I don’t know where to start. I start writing. And then I stop. I don’t know how to write what I want to say.

I want to tell you I am going to plant a tree. Maybe two. That’s what I am going to do. I’ll dig the hole and plant the tree. It’s going to be fun. Whether it rains or not. It’s just a tree. I won’t have to think too much about it. Someone will tell me where to dig the hole and someone will give me the tree to plant. That’s it. No strings attached. No thinking. Just a tree. That’s what I am going to do.

I want to tell you that I want to turn my iPod up to full volume. Blast my ears and head with music to dance to. Let the noise of the music drown out the voices. Let the music take away the memories. An the thoughts. Just for a moment.

I want to tell you I just want to stand around the fire and stare. Stare as the fire cracks away. Maybe talk a little to myself. Or just be quiet. Maybe poke the fire a bit with a stick. And wait for the right moment to throw some more wood on the fire. And watch it burn. A campfire.

I want to tell you I just want to sit and sip my coffee. Slow down and just sit down and sip my coffee. Maybe read the paper while I do it. Or maybe just a funny book. I just want to sit and sip my coffee. Just a little bit. Sip by sip.

I want to tell you I just want to stand next to the highway at rush hour and listen to the traffic. I want to close my eyes and listen to the cars rushing by. Let the noise of the cars drown out the voices and faces for a while. Just stand there and not think of the people in the cars or the homes they are going to.

I want to tell you that I just want to sit in the park and feed the bird. Have some bread in my hands and flick it for them to eat. See how they fly up and down. Coming back for some more bread. That’s all I want to see. The birds feeding and doing what bird do. Fly and eat without any care.

I want to tell you that I just want to drink a beer with my friends for a little while. Just stand around a fire or lean against a counter. Not say anything. Just sit or stand and do nothing with my friends. Maybe take a sip and look at them without them knowing. I know that they are there. Just share without knowing.

I want to tell you that I just want to lay down on the couch for a little bit. Not sleep but close my eyes and listen to my family around me. My girls running around or just making a noise. My wife talking to her friend on the phone or cooking something beautiful. But just lay on the couch and listen without them knowing. I am there, but just taking them in for a little bit. Just from the couch.

I want to tell you that I just want to stand on the farm for a little bit. Smell the dust as the sheep run past. Those stupid sheep. Watch them run in the dry lands of the Karoo. I want to just stand and watch. Do nothing but listen to them run and feel the dust on my skin. Just watch them doing nothing.

I want to tell you that I just want to walk in the markets somewhere. Anywhere without being noticed. Just listen to the people selling their stuff and look at the sea of colors of the stalls. Slowly walk among them. Not buying. Just seeing and listening.

I want to tell you that I just want to sit on the beach for a little while. Just sit on the damp sand and watch the waves come in. Maybe curl my toes into the sand. Maybe play with the sand a bit. Let it run through my fingers for a little bit. See how the wind takes it and where it takes it.

I want to tell you I just want to go walk in the mountains. One step at a time. Walk hard till I feel the sweat running down my face. The sun shining on my back and my legs hurting. Just a walk in the mountains. Maybe stop and shout to hear the echo.

I want to tell you I just want to smell the earth a little bit closer. Stand still and smell the soil of Africa after the rains. Or maybe just rub some leaves on my fingers and smell my green fingers. Nothing much. Just a little bit of smelling of what we get from the soil.

I want to tell you that I want to stand in the rain and just stand there for a bit. Just let the rain fall down on me. Maybe I will look up. And squint while looking up at the clouds and the rain coming down. Just stand there. Let the rain drown out the noise. And let it just rain over me. Wash over me.

I want to tell you that I want to sit on the train and just stare out the window. Not looking at anything. Just staring. Looking at the houses flash by. Not think of the people inside. Just let the world rush by for a moment.

There is so much I want to tell you. But I just don’t know how to say it. I’m just staring at the screen.

A Broad (Mrs AA) had a real… hum… sh… aah… odd experience on Friday. I have been waiting for her write about it… I first thought she was just taking the piss… But I promise you it is all true. Go and have a look at her story: I’m Sorry, I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now… Toilet humor at its best…

I’m just getting you back for that Incinerated Chicken – Family Recipe braai story

To quote a friend of mine – I am a bit “flat” right now. I think I have been pushing a little bit too hard on the writing front. And to be honest, it hasn’t been all that good. I think I need a break.

Just going to recharge the batteries a bit. I’ll write when I think there is something good enough for you to read. I might have been wasting your time with a few pieces. I owe you a bit more than that.

Flat. Meaning… Too many things in my head. Too many things going on. Not feeling sharp enough. Not feeling it the way I should. Words aren’t flowing. It’s being pushed. A little bit “nothing” inside. Not a writer’s block. There are things in my head. The thoughts are there. The flame just die a little quicker than usual. Something new taking over every 5 minutes. And nothing flowing the way I want it to flow. Except uphill which is never a good thing.

This last piece on NY is an example. Too long. Not well written. Hey, the story was funny when I experienced it. It was funny when I thought of it. It just sucked when I wrote about it. And it shouldn’t happen.

Also too much writing about myself. It’s the “lazy me” to fall back on that when the rest isn’t flowing. And this blog isn’t about me. Just parts of me. Too much of me is never a good thing. Just ask my wife!

So I am stepping back and having a coffee.

Oh, don’t worry. It’s just a coffee break. I love coffee! You can NEVER have enough coffee. So I am going to sit back and have a nice Cuppa Joe.

I’ll be busy though. These pages will be busy. I might just flip a few of my 40 thoughts saved as drafts and see if I can get them off my back. Some might be half-assed pieces. Incomplete thoughts. It’s okay. I’ll just get the monkey off my back. I might throw a few more Twits on here. Or introduce a few pieces written by others I really liked. Maybe a cartoon or two from Zapiro I like so much. I am going to reintroduce a few of the pieces I did way back when I started. Maybe edit them and see how I feel about them today. I’ll fill the pages each day. Something different each day. It might actually be fun! I think it will be. Bloody hell, I hope it will be or else there would be no reason to have that coffee!

And like I said, I’ll write when it comes. When it’s ready. No big announcement that I am writing again. I’ll just write. Maybe I’ll write tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe later. Maybe just less original thoughts and pieces. But I’ll write. I just need to clear my head a bit and build up the insides a bit more again. Take some pressure off. Write when it’s there. And when it’s ready. And then we are going to party like it’s… hum… see? I can’t even tell you how awesome this party is gonna be! (Hehe!)

I hope you understand.

In the meantime, I am just taking the advice from my favorite cartoon…

I can’t believe she did it. Hanging our dirty laundry out for everyone to see… You cut me deep. Real deep baby. She decided to spill the beans on my cooking ability. My fight with a chicken. And I lost… Barbeque Chicken 1 : 0 Angry African. Here is the (not so lovely grrr) wife making me suffer about my speciality Incinerated Chicken – Family Recipe. But still. It is damn funny! Enjoy!

I will have my revenge… (laughing like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers… fading slowly into background.)

Okay, so I stayed away from blogging on politics for a week. But it doesn’t mean that I stayed away from politics for a week. I had another little act up my sleeve. Twitter… Yes, I used Twitter to tweet (write) on the Twit… I mean McCain.

You know Twitter? If not, here is a rundown. Twitter is what they call “mini-blogging”. You have 140 characters to say what you want to say. So keep it short is the angle. So not me. But anyway… You follow people and see what they tweet and people follow you to see what you have to tweet. Issues are random. From what you are doing to a random thought to saying what you are watching live. Anything goes really. Go and have a look. It’s an interesting concept. I know some of you use it as we already follow each other over there. Oh, and you can do it from your mobile phone in some places.

So I used Twitter during this period to throw a few shots at McCain and Pale-One. Here’s just a few highlights of my tweets and why I said it. Just a few highlights. Not all of them!

1. Just an insight on how I rate Sarah Palin…

2. Trying to understand why some Americans would vote for McPain…

3. The reason why I get so worked up about McCain and Palin

4. Reacting to a friend who refused to share a “juicy” piece of political rumor…

5. Not blogging on politics started to get to me…

6. Commenting on Palin seeing Russia from her house and claiming it makes her a foreign policy expert… (well, almost)

7. More commenting on her seeing Russia…

8. Not a funny one. Can you believe McCain did this?

9. And Palin did the same? See the difference? I don’t…

10. Got this one from the lovely wife…

11. Palin being pro semi-automatics for hunting? WTF?

12. McCain making Bush look good…

13. How low can you go…

14. Actually, he said it on the day I made this tweet…

15. Two “insightful” comments on McCain wearing flip-flops…

That’s it. I left out a number of tweets – especially those where I was having a “discussion” with a few other people. (Read: argument.) Not fair to raise them here. They are “Twitter” friends and not here to defend themselves.

See? I didn’t blog. I mini-blogged. Because McCain is just a mini-me of Bush. A mini-man. With mini-politics. And mini-ethics. I retract that. No ethics.

Oops… Did I just do a political blog? Damn.