It's a fight for my freedom to love...

It's a fight for my freedom to love...

I am pissed. Really pissed. I can’t believe that another piece of bigotry was allowed to be written into law. By those pseudo liberals from California. Actually, those pseudo people from California. No Californification for you then.

I mean really. Get off it. Let people love who they want to love. Why can’t you live with that? Why can’t two people who love not marry each other? Sorry. I guess you don’t believe in a happy marriage and would rather continue with the “woman barefoot in the kitchen” style fake love marriage you have. How about those pregnant teenagers then hey? Or the wife beating? Like the child abuse going around?

Actually, that is unfair. That can happen to anyone. But my point is that marriage is nothing sacred to protect for a group of men and women partners only. Really. What the hell is so sacred about it? This country gets divorced left right and centre. We have loveless marriages. We have arranged marriages. We have rape in marriage. We have child abuse in marriages. We have all this crap in marriages.

And none of that can be blamed on gays! You stupid… argh! You did that. Not me. And not my friends. You killed marriage. With your stupidity and superiority complex of failure and violence. Dip…

You know what? I love my wife. More than life itself. And I look around me and see very few marriages actually working. And guess what? Those marriages where people actually focus on each other and how much they love each other? They don’t give a damn what you call it or who else are allowed to get married. As long as (i) you don’t f*ck with their marriage and (ii) you have a chance of having the same love as they have. We want people to get married for love because we want to save the idea of being married.


Let my people marry!

Clean your own house. Clean your own church. Clean your own crap before you tell other people what they can or cannot do. This is how we get into trouble each and every bloody time. Someone somewhere deciding that their way is the only way and let’s go plant a bomb / start a war / execute someone / torture a few people / etc. Look inside and fix that you stupid… argh… I promised my wife I won’t swear.

No one is telling you who you should marry. No one is telling you what you should do. So shut the hell up about other people. Okay…

Let’s play this game.

You are not allowed to have a sense of fashion. You are not allowed to be happy. You are not allowed to smile and laugh. You are not allowed to be gay – in the smiling and laughing way I mean. You are not allowed to be flamboyant. You are not allowed to be an actor. You are not allowed to watch a movie with ANY gay actors or characters. You are not allowed to love.

We’ll leave that for us. You have your stinking marriage and put it where the sun don’t shine. You can kill marriages like you have done over the last 1,000 years and more. But you can’t kill love.

Let there be love. Let there be love…

Today I hope that my daughters will one day be gay. This way they stand a better chance of finding true love and see true tolerance in life.

Take your marriage and go flush it down the toilet like you have done since you “owned” it. You are killing it but you can never kill love. That’s what we have to offer. We didn’t plan on killing your holy marriage. You didn’t even know it but we are here to save the concept of marriage. To let two people who love each other make a lifetime commitment to each other. Respect each other. Honor each other. Love each other. Always…

You are flushing away the chance of saving this beautiful practice of marriage. Because you covered your eyes with your blinkers of hate. Well done. I hope you are proud. But not as loud or proud as us.

May God be ashamed of you and what you stand for.

I know I am. And I am bloody “straight”. You are not one of me. You don’t represent me. You don’t represent what my marriage stands for. You never have and never will.

My marriage is one of love. Somehow you just don’t get that.

The right to love. The right to marriage. It’s basic human rights.

It’s simple. You’re stupid.

Now go and leave us alone.

You know what I am really afraid of? That my own marriage and right to love will be next. That this limitation on marriage threatens my marriage. You never know when or where bigots will stop. Their history tells me they won’t stop anywhere we would think they would stop. Guantanamo Bay – they did this. Torture – they did this. Iraq – they did this. It’s always them. Those who look at others and find ways to hate and discriminate. Who forget to love and live first. This fight for my friends to marry the one they love is a fight for my right to stay married to the one I love. And a fight for my daughters to marry someone who will love them the way I love their mother. With no strings attached. Just pure and perfect love. I am fighting for my wife and my daughters. For their happiness. And their life. This fight is my fight. Our fight. A fight for a life of love.

Let there be love.

Dammit. Liberty, justice, freedom and equality for all.

Just add love…

To you bigots out there. Here is a nice little song for you. From the bottom of our hearts…


To Vanessa, Mark, Randy, Steve and all my friends. I am sorry. I am truly deeply sorry. But I will never give up this fight. Never ever. We beat Apartheid and we’ll beat this crap as well. Remember: Justice, equality, freedom and liberty ALWAYS wins. We are right. We will overcome. We will win. Today is just a little bump in the road. Tomorrow we fight again. We will not be defeated. We might lose a battle but never the war.



We won and we lost. Obama winning helped to put one piece of injustice to sleep. But injustice is still with us. Discrimination is still lurking in the laws. Liberty is still for the select few. Freedom is still not for all of us. Equality still hunts us down like we were on cotton plantations.

Because “they” are still not allowed to get married. “They” are still held as second class citizens. Tell me? Who the hell are “they”?

Bullshit. Bullshit I tell you.

It’s like playing that whack-the-mole game. You hit one piece of bigotry on the head and another one pops up. Whack! Whack! Whack! It never stops. But unlike the game, we can’t pull the plug on bigotry. Their batteries get charged by their own hatred.

Look. I am REALLY getting sick and tired of this. There is no “they”.

There. Is. No. They.

There is only us. “They” are you who are bigots. The only people who are “they” are those who preach hatred. Hatred for gays, hatred for Africans, hatred for African-Americans, hatred for rednecks, hatred for Jews, hatred for Muslims, hatred for Christians, hatred for… and more hatred and more hatred and more hatred.

You! Yes you! Bigot! That one who hates gays. Or who doesn’t want “them” to have the same rights as everyone else. All that separates you from burning “them” on a cross is some wood and matches. All that separates you from strapping a bomb to your chest and blowing them up is a book in your hand and a different language. Bigotry is bigotry. Hatred is hatred. It’s only the degrees that differ.

You think you are so different from those who kill innocent people elsewhere in the name of a jihad? You think you are so different from those policemen who killed Biko? You think you are so different from the Christians who murdered during the Crusade? You think you are so different from those who flew those planes? You think you are so different from those who kept slaves on the plantations? Who burned people at stakes? You think you are better than a Hutu or a Tutsi? You think you are better than the priests leading Jesus to the cross?

You are not. You are no better. You are separated only by the degrees of action. You speak the same language. You spew the same hatred. You can cloak it in nice words. But so did Hitler. So did Pontius Pilot. So did PW Botha. So did Mao. So did Stalin. So did everyone who believed they were better than “the others”.

You are no better than those who killed and murdered. You are them. Separated by a small degree of heat. A small step. One action separates you. Just one. They are your brothers. Your keepers. In thought and prayer.

Don’t ever call me straight. I am not straight. I am me. Who I sleep with and who I love has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with my bad fashion sense. It has nothing to do with my anger. It has nothing to do with defining who I am inside.

I have no choice about who I am. I am because we are. I have no choice about being straight. I have no choice about being gay. I am just me. Like the color of my skin is not my choice. And my gender is not my choice. Or where I was born was not my choice. It is who I am. We should not be defined by these parts of who we are. We should be defined by our love and compassion for others and for ourselves.

Hell, if I had a choice I would not have chosen to be a pale heterosexual male. Except for the fact that it helped me find the love of my life it is nothing to be proud of. It is nothing special. In fact, I don’t like many of those who look like me. Hitler, Bush, Stalin, Verwoerd – all white males proclaiming to be straight. Too many bigots wear the same “clothes”.

I don’t ever want to be defined as heterosexual. I don’t. Because I am not. I am just a person who met another person and who loves. It could have been anyone. It just happened to be someone from the opposite gender. I didn’t make the choice to love her. It just happened.

That’s all I want the world to have. Just to feel the same love I feel. I don’t care who you are. Jew, Christian, gay, Muslim, straight, male, female, black, white, Chinese, Russian. I don’t care.

I. Don’t. Care.

All I want is “us” to all feel love. And see a better future together. As us. Not as “them” and “us”. There is only us in this world. All of us.

There is no such thing as a “gay issue”. Any injustice is my issue. Our injustice. Any limitation on freedom is a limitation of my freedom. Our freedom. Any inequality takes away my equality. Our equality. Any time the liberty of others are restricted then my liberty is restricted. Our liberty. Any place love is threatened my love is threatened. Our love. There can be no “others”. There can be no “gay issue”. There is only my issues. And our issues. We all have freedom, liberty, equality, justice, life, love and opportunity. Or I have none. I am not gay. But I am gay. 

I am the “gay issue”. We are the “gay issue”.

Because… I am because we are.

All of us. I am us. I am the “we”.

We will not fail each other. Because there is no gay issue. There is only an us issue.



A few other posts of mine looking at the “gay issue”:

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The Gay Agenda

And one more thing

How to solve the “gay marriage problem”


A friend of mine just passed me this link to something Keith Olbermann had to say on gay marriages. I missed it completely as I don’t watch enough telly. But it seems as if Keith and myself have more in common than what I thought. Go watch what he had to say. It is long. But it is worth it. His questions are very similar to mine. Just more eloquently put…

You know I have written quite a bit about gay rights. Actually, it still irritates the living hell out of me that I even have to talk about “gay rights”. As if it is a different set of rights than “normal” rights… Anyway, you might remember The Idiot’s Guide to Bigotry and The Gay Agenda. Or that time I wanted to say Just One More Thing… Actually, gay issues have been central to many posts over here. Present every time I talk about justice and equality.

Why? Why would a “straight” guy like me even bother? I am happily married to a woman. This isn’t my issue, right? Actually it is. It is core to who I am. I hate it when anyone is being oppressed or their rights limited and denied. I am “white” (wow, big surprize – shades of white in any case), but I hate racism. I am a man (really!), but I hate how women are being put down by society in general. My rights as a human being is in danger and threatened each and every time a fellow human being does not have their rights respected. I am discriminated against when they are discriminated against. Argh! I get pissed off when I have to write about this. This is so stupid. WTF? Wake up people! We are talking basic human rights here! You are threatening MY rights when you deny someone else their rights. Ubuntu, remember? I am because we are…

Anyway… I can feel another blog about this coming up damn soon. (The anger is starting to flow back.) But not today. Today I want to remind you about the battles in California and Florida this election. The battle for equal rights. I have no clue how a country that preaches liberty, freedom and equal rights can even have this kind of “voting”. Some things are not open to public opinion. Should you have a vote on whether woman should have the right to work? Or whether African Americans should be able to study? Or whether Latinos should be able to vote? Maybe your right to own property? Or to have kids? Or whether theft should be allowed? Should people be able to murder when they feel like it? No. And neither should the right of two people to marry be open to debate. Certain things are just stupid to debate. And this is one of them.

Remember, you don’t have to like it to accept it. I don’t like blatant racism being spewed out at meetings or in the public in general. But I know my rights are protected because their rights are protected. Hey, I don’t even have to like you but I can accept the fact that you have the same rights as me. Don’t like it… Just live with it…

Whether Americans truly believe in equality, freedom and liberty will be put to the test in California and Florida this election. Proposition 8 and Amendment 2 are both about what America stands for. Truly stands for. Not the issues. But whether America is true to its word… Freedom, equality and liberty for all. These two pieces of bigotry must be defeated. We have no choice. If these two pieces of crap wins it is not only a step backwards for America but will send a message to the world that discrimination is still okay. Kill Christians in India? No problem if that is who you hate. Blow up bombs in Israel? No problem if that is the group you want to target. Shoot fellow Muslims in Iraq? Hey, go ahead if that is how you feel. Jail rights activists in China? Make my day. Remember, discrimination is only one step away from persecution…

But we don’t always have to do it in anger. Sometimes we can poke a bit of fun at how stupid this is. And someone did! And they were so bloody good at it that the Boston Comedy Festival gave them the audience award. Yeah. Good old Boston. Always ahead of the pack – I had to rub that in a bit.

9in10dotorg made brilliantly funny and creative short comedies to show the stupidity of it all. They are helping to fight this bigotry. And to stop the California and Florida restrictions on rights be executed. But they did it in a very, very funny way. Go and have a look and share with other.

This one is in favor of gay marriages, but not for the reason you think. Damn funny!

And this one is against it. But look at the backdrop. Haha!

Like I said. We can make our anger be funny as well. You want some more gay-themed shorts? Go and have a look at their site. Some funny and some not. But everything to the point. Just click the pic…

The vote for justice is coming. There shouldn’t be a vote. But there is. Go out and show the world what America really stand for. Go and fight for the rights, equality, liberty and freedom for every American. Your choice. You either go back in time or you can go and make history. Your choice. Don’t do it for “them”. Do it for yourself. And your rights.

I can’t vote. But I wish I could. To protect my rights. And to protect those rights I would vote to give everyone else the same rights as me. To live with the one you love. In marriage.

Stand by your fellow Americans…  …in sickness and in health… …’til death do us apart…

While I am pissed and on the topic. You know. About gay marriages and gay rights.

I know I am meant to be a bit nicer. Engage you at an “adult” level. Try and convince you of my superior intellect and position through carefully crafted words and engaging you constructively (wow – that took a lot out of me!). Well…

Stuff that. I don’t have time for that anymore. I will treat you like you deserve to be treated. With no respect. With nothing but contempt. You don’t deserve an adult discussion. You don’t deserve the attention of my keyboard. You don’t deserve me having to think of better and nicer words. Because you deserve nothing. You are nothing.

Nothing will change your narrow stupid little mind. You will always have another reason why to hate and discriminate. So why should I treat you with any respect if you don’t treat any of my friends or me with any respect. Should I do it to show that I am a better person? Sorry. That doesn’t work with me. I know I am a better person than you. I don’t need to prove it to you or anyone like you. I do not need your approval. In fact, I do not need you. You will always hate. You will always discriminate. I don’t need you. I just need my friends. We’re just fine, thank you.

And another thing. When you talk about gay marriages. When you talk about “them”. You know, “them”. Well, stop it. I hate it. Because you force me to talk about my friends in a way that doesn’t make sense. I hate it when you talk as if they are some group with their own little world. Their own little box and pigeonhole. “Them”.

I am sorry to disappoint you. There isn’t any “them”. There is only us. Me and my friends. We don’t need you. We have friends. We are friends. All we need from you is to crawl back in your swamp and leave us alone. The world will be better off without you.

Yes. There is just us. And you. And I go for us.

Just love

Just love

I will be nice once you decide to be nice. Until then I will treat you like you treat my friends. No more mister nice guy. We have a world to fix. And don’t need you to divert our love and attention. You are tiring. Go away. And go live in your cave. Evolve or dissolve. Until then… Bye-bye.

At last. I got hold of it. You know. “The Gay Agenda”. Now we got them. And I am going to give away all their dirty little secrets. Warning: You will not be the same once you have read this. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

Run! Hide! Put make-up on!

Run! Hide! Put make-up on!

The Gay Agenda by Steph Mineart

6:00 am Gym

8:00 am Breakfast (oatmeal and egg whites)

9:00 am Hair appointment

10:00 am Shopping

12:00 pm Brunch

2:00 pm
1) Assume complete control of the U.S. Federal, State and Local Governments as well as all other national governments,
2) Recruit all straight youngsters and our military men to our debauched lifestyle,
3) Destroy all healthy heterosexual marriages,
4) Bulldoze all houses of worship or convert their leaders into Gaydom, and
5) Secure total control of the INTERNET and all mass media for the exclusive use of child pornographers.

2:30 pm Get forty winks of beauty rest to prevent facial wrinkles from stress of world conquest

4:00 pm Cocktails

6:00 pm Light Dinner (soup, salad, with Chardonnay)

8:00 pm Theater

11:00 pm Bed (du jour)

There you have it. Go lock the door now! Or just run. Run, run, run! And don’t look back!

On a more serious note. I continue to be puzzled by why people get so worked-up about gay marriages. I just really don’t get it. You might remember my piece called The “gay problem” or The Idiot’s Guide to Bigotry. I had an offline discussion with one of my (seems to be ex) frequent readers after that post. He made the point that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman that was given to us by God. Marriage is a sacred God-given bond. Marriage is between a man and a woman, ordained by God. “Fair enough”, I said. (Knowing where I was going to take this…)

So the criteria is a man and a women married in a Church under the rules of God? Right? God, the Christian God according to him and the groups he supports on this issue. I take it then that he does not recognize the marriages of Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s or any other non-Christian group? I mean really, why would they give this “right” to other sinners and non-believers? And I am not even going to touch the different Christian groups and/or sects. So, your marriage is fake if it isn’t done under the rules of orthodox protestant Christian believers. Bigotry knows no limit… (Hum, he didn’t have an answer to this one.)

Here is another take on the Gay Agenda. This time by Rabbi Daniel Judson. It is part of a speech given by him at an Interfaith Rally in Massachusetts in 2007. (Okay, roll your eyes at Massachusetts if you must. All I have to say is Celtics and Red Sox.) Rabbi Judson, I have never met you or even heard of you until about 30 minutes ago. But can I just tell you that you are one beautiful man. Words like these can come from nowhere else but the beauty inside. Thank you for this. I’ll keep it close. And share it with my friends to show them that not all religious people are whack-jobs. (I am a whack-job, but that is completely different issue.)

The Gay Agenda by Rabbi Daniel Judson

Maybe you have heard of the Massachusetts gay liberal agenda, I call it justice. 

Maybe you have heard of the gay agenda, I call it equality.

Maybe you have heard of the gay agenda, it is called not living in fear anymore.

Maybe you have heard of the gay agenda, it is called embracing family.

Maybe you have heard of the gay agenda, it is called the real promise of America that we can live in freedom.

Maybe you have heard of the gay agenda, it is called the voice of the prophet calling out let my people be who I have created them to be.

Maybe you have heard of the gay agenda, I call it grace and truth and love.

Thank you Rabbi Judson. I will become Jewish just to come and listen to you.


That’s it now. No more bitching and moaning from the peanut gallery. Leave me and my friends alone. They can love and marry who they want. They don’t need you to make them feel “better”. They are just fine the way they are. You know why? Because there is no “they”. It’s just my friends and I don’t give a shit who they marry or who they love. As long as they love.

I am a father of two beautiful girls. And I don’t give a damn if they are gay or not. I don’t care if they fall in love with another woman when they are older. As long as they love and as long as they are happy. (And, of course, if the person passes my test on whether they are good enough for my girls!) So, shut the hell up and let me and my friends live our lives. We don’t need you. And we for sure don’t need you to put your stinky red-neck backward nose in our business either.

You are just jealous because you live a loveless life. A bigoted life. A life of space filled with hatred. A life where you spit on God with your wars and hatred for other people. A pathetic little life where you can only surround yourself by people who only obey your orders through fear and indoctrination. A worthless life where you look for reasons to hate and judge instead of love and caring. A stupid useless life where you can only define yourself by the hate you have. You have no life or meaning of yourself. You only have meaning through the hatred that fills your empty spaces. You know no true love. You know nothing of love. You are a bigot, sir (and madam). You don’t deserve to share the same space as me and my friends. You are a waste of oxygen. And, actually, a waste of my precious blogtime.

“Snap!” You are so yesterday. Get a life. Get over yourself. And go and… hum… you know… f-off. Goodbye!


Note: This piece got inspired by something Vanessa wrote and by my best friend in the US – Mark. Mark and Randy… Two of the most beautiful people I know and I am so going to write about the two of you. Even though I have never met Randy. I just know, for so many reasons, that he is one hell of a person. But that, my friends, is another story for another day…

Some of my best friends are gay… I just had to use that line! I have been waiting to use it for ages. In fact, I think I have way more gay friends than what I might realize. Mainly because I pretty much don’t care if they are gay or not. I don’t ask them and sometimes only find out once they introduce me to their partners. Or as I would like to call them – their boyfriends or husbands, girlfriends or wives. See, I am friends with them because of who they are and not because of who they sleep with or who they are married to.

I mean really, if the choice of spouse was one of my criteria I would have lost too many friends already. Many of my friends have husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends I don’t like. For every Nicola and Herman I have a… hum… better not talk about the friends whose “partners” I don’t like. Some of my friends have real dicks for husbands. But I still like them to be my friend, so I have to be “nice” to their “partner”. I only stick my tongue out and pull faces when they are not looking. And I don’t know how many times I have “accidentally” dropped my precious beer all over them. “Sorry, didn’t see that stone over there”.

So I pretty much don’t care who you marry. Just marry someone who you love and who loves you back. And someone that isn’t a complete dick. But what I don’t get is this huge debate all over the world about gay marriages. And no more so than here in the US. And for me it is especially relevant in this country of freedom and rights. Why are people so stuck on this? I really don’t get it. Okay, I live in Massachusetts so we pretty much don’t care who you marry. And California seems to come around to our way of thinking. But still. What’s the issue dude?

It’s a pretty straight forward issue isn’t it? (No pun intended.) Let people marry who they want. And give them the same rights as you have in your marriage. And no, that does not include domestic abuse that are so prevalent in heterosexual marriages. That is not a right. It’s just men and their insecurities.

Maybe that is it. Men and their insecurities. I don’t give a damn who someone else marries because I am happily married to the person I love more than life. I am secure in my relationship. And I don’t think that me being heterosexual is an issue. It’s neither here nor there. I don’t think of myself as heterosexual. I am just who I am. Me. In love with my wife and all the strings that comes with that. But I am pretty okay with being straight. I don’t see other men loving and/or wanting men as a threat to me being straight. Or just being me. I am sure as hell that me being straight doesn’t bug them either.

But maybe some of these men who are so against gays are just insecure of who they are. Small…. no, I won’t say it. Let’s just say that they are most likely not too happy with themselves. But that they take their own insecurities out on other people. Puh-lease. Grow up and / or grow a brain. And gays are such an easy target. Because you know, gay men will find them so attractive. They might turn them gay. Gays must have the hots for them. “I can ‘feel’ it.” Sigh. Yeah, right. Dream on buddy.

Think about it for a minute. You “men” out there. There are more girls just for you! With all the good looking men out the way, you might actually stand a chance. That good looking girl who said, “If you are the last straight man on earth…” Well, it might actually come true. You might actually find a girl because of a lack of competition. Be happy about it dude. Your ugly face might actually be acceptable to someone out there. It’s a numbers game in your favor. Of course, the problem is that your personality might actually make them “turn” gay as well. Oh dear.

But seriously, why are people hung up about this? Do they think gays are somehow going to undermine the “sacred union called marriage?” Erm, sorry to disappoint you people. But you did that all by yourself. The divorce rates in this country is ridiculous. And this in a conservative country. Shame on you. And it has nothing to do with gays. No matter how hard you might try to blame someone else – this is all thanks to you. Who killed the “sacred union”? You did Mr Straight Guy. When you started getting divorced quicker than changing underwear. That and domestic abuse on the side. No. Gays won’t threaten the sacred union because you already shot it, dragged it through the streets and made a rug from it to keep your feet warm.

And by the way – it is your daughter and son that is more likely to sleep around than the kids of the liberal couple down the road. Teenage pregnancies and sexual activity are so much higher amongst these “conservative” groups. I guess they get that from your brilliant example through your bigoted lifestyle.

While we are on the topic. Nothing stops you from getting married in church. Every church has the right to it’s own bigotry beliefs. But when it comes to government and how they treat people? Don’t think discrimination has a pace there right? Wasn’t this country so proud of the fact that it was secular and separated church and politics? And isn’t it this country that is so proud of freedom and equal rights? Then what the hell are you on about that the state should not allow gay marriages? Why are you maintaining that the state should not give same-sex couples the same rights and privileges than you have? That’s just un-American. Go get married in the church. But let the state treat everyone the same. And let everyone get the same privileges under state laws. Anything less is discrimination and un-American.

And with all the crap all over the world, this is your biggest problem? The fact that the world is at war. That the environment sucks. That the economy is crashing. That gas costs more than $4. Healthcare is straining under the weight of obesity. Kids killing kids at schools and colleges. These things don’t bug the living hell out of you? You don’t think that these things might bring down the country before the choices people make about who they love? Love is actually a good thing you know? Better than war in any case. Deal with the real issues and not the crap they are feeding you on the right. Why don’t you play some music while Rome burns? Nero did. You would like him I think.

Oh, the most ridiculous thing I heard was the “men today, animals tomorrow” argument. Yeah, right. Just because I can prove that you come from the ape (the dragging knuckles gave it away), doesn’t mean my friend want to sleep with you. It would be like saying that a government will start a war with Iraq even though they had no proof that there was any substantive link between Al-Qaeda and Sadam. Oh, wait. What I meant to say was that just because you look like a dog, doesn’t mean my friend wants to sleep with you. It’s just stupid.

See? I just don’t get it. Caring about who sleeps with who or who loves who just won’t do for me. I have bigger things to worry about.

But there is one thing that bugs the living hell out of me. And it is especially true for the gay community. This “partner” idea. It seems as if every single one of my friends have a partner. I though they were lawyers when I heard it the first time. Or that they were talking about some small business venture they were going into with a friend. A business partner. Come on. (S)he is your boyfriend or your husband, girlfriend or wife. Just like my wife was my girlfriend first and then my wife. You better stop using that word or I will… I will… Hum… I don’t know. Maybe I’ll tell all my friends and your friends that you are actually a closet straight. And that you just thought it was cool to be gay. Or that you have the hots for Bush. And think that Sylvester Stallone is just gorgeous. And Adam Sandler is the most awesome actor alive. Oh damn, some of my friends actually think so already. Let me just go check if they are gay. You know, some of my best friends…

Anyway, you gay-bashers out there. Grow up. Grow a brain. Or flush yourself down the drain. You are tedious. Like a record being stuck. In the 80’s. Boy George, that is. Damnit.


Get a life.

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