Sometimes I slow down and just look at life and everything that goes on around us. Reflect a bit on the world around me. And the craziness that we call life on the rock. The noises we create to drown out life. The things we miss when not standing still for a minute or two. The chains we build when we think we are free. The way we live past each other instead of living with each other. The face we see when we look in the mirror. I have no special wisdom. I have no answers. But I can observe, reflect and shake my head. These are just thoughts and questions that keep on bugging me.

What are we doing?

For those who don’t believe in evolution – stop reading. No wait! It actually doesn’t matter. My question will stay the same. Whether you do it in the name of God. Or Allah. Or Yourselfishness. Or the Big Emptiness. Or communism. Or the Dalai Lama. Or Ganesha. Or the dog down the road. It doesn’t matter. The question stays the same. What are we doing? …

I have these pictures in my head

I have these pictures in my head. Pictures of people and places I have seen. It’s my memories in colour. I wish I had them in little picture boxes to share. But I don’t. I just have these pictures in my head…

Do you like what you see?

We live our lives. Get up in the morning. Brush our teeth. Shave. Have a shower. A quick breakfast. A kiss goodbye. Join the rush hours. Listen to our iPod. Do a job we hope we like. Too busy to stop and look around. No time for lunch. The client and customer can’t wait. We close the office door. Switch off the lights. And head off home. We join the rush hour for our last trip of the day. Read a book. Or the paper. Catch up on the news of the world. We give hugs and kisses when we get home. Eat our food. Bath the kids. Wash the dishes. Do our chores. Flop down in our favourite seat. Watch television. And fall asleep…

The shadow people

Every single day we walk past them. The shadow people. The people we don’t see because we don’t want to see. They are the great unseen. The great unclean. No meaning in a world moving at 1,000 mph. To slow to keep up. They fell off the train and never got back on. Because we are moving too fast to stop and pick them up. And we just couldn’t be bothered either…

I will do anything

I will lie. Yes I will. I will lie without blinking or thinking. I’ll lie with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye. And I won’t cross my fingers. I’ll just lie and lie and lie. Through my teeth. To your face. Or any face. I don’t care. Because I will do anything…

Women, please take my seat

I take the train every day. Going in to work and going home. Me and my commute. Pretty lame. Same train in and same train out. Most mornings I get a seat and sit down and just listen to my iPod and go through my Bloglines. Some mornings it is packed. Just packed liked sardines. And this morning was one of those mornings…

The small things in life

I love coffee. It might just be my number one addiction. A good cup of Ethiopian Sidamo coffee. Oh, I can taste it already. But maybe I am in love with the coffee shop culture. Just lazying around, having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. The easy life. The time where I can just sit and be at peace with myself. Having a nice cuppa in a good coffee shop is one of my favourite “small things in life“…

I wish I was a bigot

I wish I was a bigot. A hypocrite that never check his words. Never have to stop before I speak… or write. Never had to consider what other people think or feel. Because I do…

Ubuntu (or It’s like breathing)

Ubuntu. A simple little word. Ubuntu. I am because you are…

The little girl in the blue house

I always walk the same way to the train station. I take the shortest route. I have too. Way too early to walk one meter further than I have to. Or one minute longer than what is needed. There is another route. Slightly longer. But all the time in the world if it is so bloody early in the morning. My normal route is an easy walk. Turn right, then a quick left and straight down to the station. A quick and easy 20 minute stroll.  And who said I don’t get enough exercise… But today I had to go the slightly longer route. Turn left, turn right and down the slightly longer walk to the station. Not by much. Just about 5 minutes added. But sometimes the longer route brings more than just a longer walk. And this morning I got more than I wanted. Another reason why I never like walking that route. A reminder. A memory.


2 Responses to “What Are We Doing?™”

  1. Thank you for the encouragment.
    Actually, I wrote that piece because I had just read your “What Are We Doing?’. I had to write about what I was doing (well, actually trying to do).
    Mostly, I post so my friends from home can tell what I’m up to without having to send a bunch of e-mails.
    Many have felt guilty and given up a year of work to make someplace else better. Still others think that I’m idealistic and foolish.
    I enjoy your site.
    Beautiful – is the only word that I can use to describe it.
    Again, thank you,

  2. I think I’m feeling something close to what you’re feeling. It’s something to with the possibilities that lie untapped within the “great unwashed.” Who are they if not simply “placeholders” or “a waste of space.” This is how we view them–if we even think of them. They are also the drug-addicted, booze-swillers among us who actually feel something but are so hurt by it that they feel a need to retreat.

    Am I in your neighborhood?

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